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Are you writing a dissertation? Are you looking for help in writing an effective research paper or need help in some of your dissertation chapters? Most probably yes, because that’s why you are on this page and reading this article.

Well, writing a dissertation is a lengthy process and you have to go through a lot of research and analysis. It will take many pages of detailed information written in high-quality. It should not only be of high quality but should be easy to read and understand as well.

Generally, a dissertation has to be written in the below chapters.

Title page – stating who has written, what and why

This is generally created as per the instructions provided by your department. You have to include your name, your student id, degree, department name, the title of your dissertation title and the submission date.

Abstract – the summary of what is inside the dissertation

This is generally a short summary explaining the entire dissertation in about 250 to 750 words. It is generally instructed by the department when the student is writing as part of a higher-level degree.

The content page – to help readers find information

This page is written in the last step but generally placed at the top of the dissertation, next to the title page or the abstract because it gives an overall idea of the structure by listing them with their names.

Introduction – what your dissertation is all about?

This is an explanation of the outline of the dissertation, the topic, and the structure. It should be written in a way that smoothly takes the reader to the main part of the dissertation, i.e. the body.

Methodology – optional and depending on the subject

Depending on the subject of the dissertation, this part can be included or skipped. If the subject is about scientific, qualitative or quantitative research, you should include this section in your dissertation. If the subject is theoretical, you don’t need to have this section.

Literature review – optional and depending on the research

With your dissertation, you are either filling the gap or correcting the established notions with the in-depth research and study in the field and the topic. So this section is a must when your paper is focused on the primary research on the topic. However, you can skip this section if your dissertation is covering a secondary or tertiary research.

Substantive chapters – the main body of your paper

You will be presenting your research and outcomes in several chapters with each having detailed paragraphs in this section. So this is called the main body of your research paper or dissertation. All of them will be focused on the main idea or argument.

Conclusion – Sum up research

A conclusion a summary of your viewpoints and supporting arguments you have attained by researching the topic. It should present the real-world applications of the outcomes or the facts you have established with your research and their effects on the field.

Bibliography – the list of resource you used for the research

This is a list of references, resources and the books which you have used for your research. It is very important that you start maintaining it from the day you start preparing your dissertation. This is because you may forget or miss an importation citation if you start compiling it in the last.


Appendices are the additional information sections being referred to in the dissertation and include photographs, charts, diagrams, maps, and letters.

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